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a dream

of running disneyland paris in heart and a degree in modern languages in hand, amy decided to learn the retail and merchandise trade from the ground up.  literally.  planting her feet on the shop floor of one of the high street's busiest, most vibrant and esteemed global brands.  from the chaos and demand of the fitting room, to the structure of the stockroom.  the roll out of new collections to goal-setting in the office.  serving the customer to meeting the ceo.  from varied regional stores through to destination london.  it was hands-on, hard work and invaluable.


three years

it was time to make a bold leap into opening up her own store and creating her own brand, inkwell & ivy.  in it's first year the business won a regional award, 'innovative enterprise of the year', and was featured in national and international publications such as elle, heat and wallpaper magazines. collaborations and showcases also followed, ranging from rugby ralph lauren and asos to public enterprises and private establishments.  the highlight of it all though was daily life in-store, meeting the many varied customers who came to shop.




with her talent as a creative designer in its many disciplines - merchandising, retailing, product design and supply, branding and website creation - amy's idea for tuck + box is to combine shopping, styling and inspiration for both self and surroundings.

"i'm always searching for innovative and individual items to share and my hope is that you'll stumble upon something you didn't even know you were looking for - whether it be a canvas tote, a vintage fixture, a specially crafted digital presence or simply a brilliant new idea".

thank you so much for visiting, if you'd like to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.  drop a line, send a picture, make a request. we're delighted to help.

creative director and founder,

amy hawkshaw